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Giovanni Hessel 480 Apr 18, 2018

 Giovanni registered Hessel 480 Friesian colt for sale 

very willing to please easy to handle will be tall

asking price $9500

very willing personality, handled everyday 



Deja Vu Norbert 444 Apr 4, 2017

 Deja Vu gorgeous Big Norbert daughter out of foal Onne Mare 


Aritzia Onne X Julius Apr 1, 2016

 SOLD! ......for Sale beauitful filly born April 1 2016  out of my Ster Mare Zandi (Onne ) and by Julius 486


Dolce Sep 11, 2015

 Zandi  Fan Fisher (aka Gabbanas) colt Dolce he is 3yr old and becoming a awesome stallion! he is sold


Tula Jul 4, 2014

 Tula born 5/23/2014 Doaitsen x Onne 376 Sold


Sovereign Heir colt Jun 1, 2013

DOLCE SOLD!!!!  purebred Friesian colt up for consideration of sale.Dolce is Black but due to the southern weather is bleached out, Dolce Sire is Mintse a proven stallion and Dolce is out of a Ster  Mare(sire Onne) mother ster, great grandmother ster, ster,ster, ster. There will be awarding $2000 to each adult offspring of Mintse that receives a 1st premie at a North American Keuring. The conditions are as follows:
The Mintse offspring must have been conceived in North America from semen shipped from the FC Stallion Station (2007 or after).j
This must be the first time the horse has received a first premie as an adult (3 years or older). Note: they are not eligible to win year after year.
If a horse initially earns a 2nd or no premie as an adult, but gets a 1st premie at a keuring at a later day – it will qualify as long as it was bred in North America.
This program will apply to all 1st premie mares and geldings, plus all stallions invited to the 70 day test(since stallions are not awarded premies).
The award is $2000 for each qualifying horse and will be split 50/50 between the breeder and the owner.If the breeder and the owner are the same, they will receive the full $2000 prize money. email me for price

Prize money will be awarded to the recipients following the North American Keurings each year. Price is neg to a good and loving show  home! sale Born on the farm  05/30/2013 Sovereign Heir AKA Dolce



FHANA - Friesian Horse Association of North America