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Sovereign Oaks Friesians




                                                SOVEREIGN OAKS WOW FACTOR


Tula Jul 4, 2014

 Tula born 5/23/2014 Doaitsen x Onne 376 


Ster mare Liesl Jun 10, 2013

Friesian Mare in Bonnie & ClydeTV Movie    

There are more SCFHA horses in Entertainment News!!  

SCFHA member, Lynne Mullens, reports that her mare, Liesl, Ster (Jorrit 363 x Ludse 305), will appear in a movie made for TV.  The History Channel's next series is Bonnie & Clyde, about the famous Prohibition-era criminal duo. Sony Pictures Television is producing the four-hour, two-night  miniseries, which will also be simulcast on Lifetime, another A&E TV network.  The miniseries has been filming on location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is directed by Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy).  The star studded cast includes Holly Hunter (The Piano), Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild), Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Elizabeth Reaser (The Twilight Saga), and more.  Academy Award® winner William Hurt will be riding Lynne's  mare, and portraying Frank Hamer, the Texas Ranger hunting th






e Barrow gang.

Lynne Wm Hurt
William Hurt and SCFHA member Lynne Mullens 

Lynne says that the movie's "horse wranglers" were looking for big, black horses in Louisiana, and found her through her FHANA-member website ( Lynne who owns Sovereign Oaks Farm in Livingston, Louisiana, has always been interested in working as a movie extra, and her equestrian talents include riding sidesaddle.  So Lynne was excited about this opportunity for her mare, who she calls Oma, to be in the movie. William Hurt came out for a test-ride, and fell in love with her.  She was a little worried that the movie staff would ask her to trim Oma's feathers for the part.  She said she would have done it (hair can always grow back), but fortunately she was never asked to do that.

Oma is a 10 year old, and Lynne purchased her about a year ago.  She was previously at a Saddlebred barn and used as a lesson horse, living at City Park in New Orleans.  Her exposure in those settings, along with her typical Friesian temperament and character, made her an ideal, safe mount for Mr. Hurt.  No definite air date yet, but we know the movie will be televised later this year.
Lynee Liesl Wm Hurt
William Hurt and Lynne Mullens' mare, Liesl 



Sovereign Heir Friesian colt Jun 1, 2013

DOLCE SOLD!!!!  purebred Friesian colt up for consideration of sale.Dolce is Black but due to the southern weather is bleached out, Dolce Sire is Mintse a proven stallion and Dolce is out of a Ster  Mare(sire Onne) mother ster, great grandmother ster, ster,ster, ster. There will be awarding $2000 to each adult offspring of Mintse that receives a 1st premie at a North American Keuring. The conditions are as follows:
The Mintse offspring must have been conceived in North America from semen shipped from the FC Stallion Station (2007 or after).j
This must be the first time the horse has received a first premie as an adult (3 years or older). Note: they are not eligible to win year after year.
If a horse initially earns a 2nd or no premie as an adult, but gets a 1st premie at a keuring at a later day – it will qualify as long as it was bred in North America.
This program will apply to all 1st premie mares and geldings, plus all stallions invited to the 70 day test(since stallions are not awarded premies).
The award is $2000 for each qualifying horse and will be split 50/50 between the breeder and the owner.If the breeder and the owner are the same, they will receive the full $2000 prize money. email me for price

Prize money will be awarded to the recipients following the North American Keurings each year. Price is neg to a good and loving show  home! sale Born on the farm  05/30/2013 Sovereign Heir AKA Dolce



GABBANA X Onne 376 May 5, 2007

 GABBANA Made her Ster,  grand champion and best of the Mares at the Florida Keuring. she has had 8mths of Dressage training by Two Dutch perfessional, Gabbana has very nice forward movement and is  showing a lot of potential. She is very willing and only took a few days for her to work like a pro.  Very sweet easy going,  loving, willing  to work . Gabbana is the daughter of the late Onne 376 and out of a Ster Mare Jeltsje. Gabbana had a beautiful colt by Mintse which is for sale check him out!!!





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